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German Bakery


The things you discover after spending three or four days in place make it worthwhile to stay long enough to see beyond the surface. On our last morning we met the owner of this impeccably run German bakery. What an opportunity for locals to learn German baking and perhaps set off to run their own business one day.



Sometimes a small misunderstanding can have surprising results such as this delicious albeit entirely excessive eight course meal. Somehow ‘Can you recommend something?’ came across as ‘We’d like to order for us and our six friends who are about to join us’. It was so ridiculously that a Chinese tourist took a picture of us.

Dali Dinner


We especially recommend the mushrooms, squash and chicken. The local carp from Er lake is delicious but you need to work around the bones. Remember not to use your fingers to get them out of your mouth, spitting them on the ground is much more proper.

Winnemucca Hotel & Bar

The oldest place in town, serving Basque food and sad stories. Michael, bartender and second generation owner, recommended we skip the food and go to Martin’s Hotel instead. Family style Basque-Amercin feast and friendly conversations with Australian mineral prospectors.



Regardless of whether it was invented in Hamburg or Berlin one of the culinary highlights of a visit to Germany is the Currywurst. Experts find a good Currywurst at a restaurant that has few other menu items. Really the only choices should be ‘Currywurst’ or ‘Currywurst Scharf’. The distinction being extra curry powder sprinkled on top of the mystery sauce. If the carbs provided by the standard issue role, ‘Brötchen’, is not sufficient, you may opt for french fries with ketchup and mayonnaise. Don’t skip the mayonnaise unless you want to be outed as Müsli-eating health nut weakling.