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What We Love About the Weather

1) Biking to work is a breeze with the wind at your back.

2) Nobody gets skin cancer here.

3) Work supplies cool ski jackets for the five minute walk to the cafeteria.

4) It feels really good when you get back inside.

5) We get to catch up on years of movies we missed.

6) Lots of mushrooms grow in the forest.

7) You are not expected to wear a mud free business suit.

8) With the sound of rain on the roof it is really cosy in the house.

9) Reaching home you feel like you survived an expedition.

We Are Norsemen

T.C. Boyle

We fought over the gravel brake to lauch our terrible swift ship. The wind shrieked of graves robbed, the sky was a hearth gone cold. An icy froth soaked us to the waist. Then we were off, manning the oars in smooth Nordic sync, the ship lurching through rocky breakers, heaving up, slapping down. The spray shot needles in our eyes, the oars lifted and dipped. An hour later the mainland winked into oblivion behind the dark lids of sea and sky.

There were thirteen of us: Thorkell Son of Thorkell the Misaligned, Thorkell the Short, Thorkell Thorellsson, Thorkel Cat, Thorkell Flat-Nose, Thorkell-neb, Thorkell Ale-Lover, Thorkell the Old, Thorkell the Deep-minded, Ofeig, Skeggi, Grim and me. We were tough. We were hardy. We were bold.