Monthly Archives: September 2009

Bikes, Beer and Beuys

Kleve in the Lower Rhine region is the home of my mom and her husband and also of the late Joseph Beuys, the first German artist to have a retrospective at the Guggenheim museum. A bike ride through the meadows will take you to the Moyland castle which hosts most of Beuys’ work. After you dive into the dark hermetic madness that is his art you come up gasping for air and looking forward to the fresh breeze flowing through windmill country.


Norwegian Beauties

Ignoring the fact that the price of a cup of coffee in Oslo will cover a meal for two including a 2000 vintage Bordeaux elsewhere, it is a fascinating city. Every casual tourist will stumble across and be amazed by the Vigeland Sculpture Park. A city commissioning an artist to spend years to create some 200 sculptures examining the human condition and thus a world class destination? Those crazy socialist Europeans …


In the Loop


Looking for the style of the original ‘Office’, with a touch of ‘Wag the Dog’ and ‘Love Actually’ sprinkled in? Go see ‘In the Loop’. You’ll probably recognize James Gandolfini from somewhere …

Image © IFC Entertainment

Boston – Too Ugly for Film?


Not often do you see film crews in Portland during the summer. The Oregon known to film is self-destructive (My Own Private Idaho), scary (The Shining) and rainy (The Hunted). So the east-coast police ‘cah’ ‘pahkd’ down-town can only be explained with sunny Portland being a stand-in for Boston. I don’t know how they will edit all our bicyclists out and replace the ubiquitous local coffeeshops with Dunkin Donuts in the chase scenes.