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House with a View

Skulls dangling, spears sharpened, high above the ground life is better as python’s won’t disturb your sleep and climbing up and down will keep you fit and your senses alert. A chicken next to your bed will wake you when it’s time and the eggs will be very fresh. We remain humbled by the spirit of these people who live completely of the land as the tangles of electricity slowly make their way over the hills.


It’s a Miracle

Timor-Leste the country were Guerrilla fighters hiding in the jungle for 24 years are now the government; that had been caught between global politics for 400 years; which was loosing 50% of population over and over by never starting a conflict themselves. But now the future looks bright with democracy, earnings from oil, best organic Arabic coffee beans, young and enthusiastic population, world class corals and fish.
All the best young to this country!20131206-092251.jpg

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