Monthly Archives: May 2010

Saxon Sandbag* in the Owens River Gorge

Turns out the Saxon rope guns** we found at the Mexican restaurant in Bishop consistently aimed too high. Who wants to struggle up five pitches of 5.11b or haul themselves up a 5.12d face climb on their vacation? To no suprise these fine people have named their firstborn after Juri Gagarin, the first human in outer space.**


Gerlind and Scholle on Towering Inferno.


Gunter cranking 5.12d on the west side of the Inner Gorge with Katja on the belay.


Respect this kid.


* “Sandbag” – Kletterroute die schwieriger ist als beschrieben.

** “Rope gun” – Kletterer der einem Routen aufsetzt die man selber im Vorstieg nicht packt.

Dow Villa Hotel, Lone Pine

With a cold wind blowing from the hills who would say no to a view of Mt. Whitney from your room and a hot tub downstairs. If only the cranky one hadn’t packed his car keys with the tent we could probably stay here forever. Word is John Wayne’s favorite room was # 22.