Canon G10 Survives 25 ft Drop Test on Granite

On a recent scramble up the South Early Winters Spire (7807 ft / 2380 m) in Washington State I had the opportunity to drop test my Canon G10. I released the camera from my pocket on the last pitch of rappelling down the south arete with approximately 25 ft / 8 m left to the saddle. The ground consisted of scree and some larger rocks of granite. The camera bounced about three times and spilled the battery and memory card in the process. My immediate worry of loosing the memory card and an exciting week’s worth of images in the talus was unfounded. Katja found the card within five minutes of searching. It was next to the resting points of camera and battery I had previously marked with cairns. The camera still works, now fashioning battle marks that Capa’s Leica would have been proud of.

Anyone have a Canon G11 they would like me to test?

Climbing photo: © Katja


1 thought on “Canon G10 Survives 25 ft Drop Test on Granite

  1. Cranky German

    Who would have thought? A replacement front panel for the camera is only $28 plus $9 for 2nd day shipping from Canon.


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