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Soi Romani – Lunch For Breakfast


The perfect street to spend a night or three in Phuket old town. Kind Wut will take you in and feed you delicacies from across the street for breakfast. You savor while groups of girls strike glamorous poses for photos in front of each and every antique doorway.


At night you enjoy another drink at Glasnost next door and as the visitors fade away you think to yourself┬á “I belong here!”. The neighborhood dog comes wagging and gives you an approving sniff.


Perfect Pre-Dinner Snack

For those times when you don’t have access to Opa’s home-grilled Th├╝ringer Bratwurst the wares from ubiquitous mini-BBQ stands make a good substitute. Cranky prefers vendors that specialize in one item – such as these perfectly made pork belly skewers on Thalang Road. Each one is cooked to perfect juicyness and all the burnt bits are carefully trimmed away with scissors. You get four for 20 BAT (66 cents), take that Biwa!


Take Five In Phuket

Let the sun set in the old town of Phuket and you will find some streets transformed with old world charm. Very chill jam sessions going on here and there. Why not start a blues bar so you can stand on your own stage every night? Especially the young local musicians impress with smooth licks on bass and guitar.