Lhasa Impressions

Even with the Potala Palace, amazing monasteries and incredible mountains in the vicinity what remains most unforgettable are the pilgrims with their wide range of outfits, weathered faces, open gazes and life stories that we can only sense but will never know.


3 thoughts on “Lhasa Impressions

  1. amber

    i keep returning to this photo with the mist/fog/smoke – whatever it is. i have probably viewed it 20 times now. something about it is haunting me. lhasa looks like nowhere i’ve been.

  2. Cranky German

    Thanks for your comments. The smoke comes from herbs that are burned at the many monasteries in the old town. I can safely say Lhasa is unlike any place I have been, all the pilgrims give it a feel of a highland Mecca.Off to the border of Nepal today,Cranky & Katja


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